Rainmeter 2.5

Measure your system performance in style

Rainmeter is an incredibly customizable performance meter for your PC's desktop. View full description


  • Pre-installed with stylish Enigma skin
  • Usability greatly improved
  • Adds great widgets to your desktop


  • Still room for simplification!

Very good

Rainmeter is an incredibly customizable performance meter for your PC's desktop.

Once a relatively complicated application, Rainmeter developers have increasingly striven to make the meter's interface more user friendly. This trend started with the 1.0 release and continues now that 2.0 is available. In fact, Rainmeter can do some pretty cool things to your windows desktop, and it's easier than ever now to apply new settings.

Rainmeter now comes pre-installed with a theme called "Enigma", which is a great example of how cool your desktop can look. You can add clocks, calendars, and RSS, as well as a whole range of system monitors. And that's just the beginning. Virtually everything on Rainmeter is customizable, and there are scores of other themes you can download for free to give your desktop a really personal feel.

Enigma has been included specifically because it makes your desktop into a really functional space. You can move different meter windows around on a whim, edit their skins relatively easily, tweak the transparency, and even make them disappear completely. As a way of freshening your desktop, Rainmeter is absolutely fantastic.

While Rainmeter has improved its user friendliness substantially, beginners can still easily get lost in the configuration options and settings. There's really not much reason to mess around with them at all though, unless you want to create your own look. Adding new skins is now much easier and doesn't require coding, although if you want a challenge the option to personalize with your own code is still available.

Rainmeter shows how easy it is to personalize Windows and quite effortlessly revolutionize its looks.


  • Localization support -- finally! Our users have already translated the Rainmeter UI into 35 languages ranging from Arabic to French to Vietnamese. Your language can be selected when Rainmeter is installed, and changed at any time using the Manage tool.
  • "Show desktop" support improvements. Previously, skins had to be manually set to "On desktop" to keep them visible when using "Show desktop". Now, you don't have to do a thing -- skins will stay visible by default when you show the desktop.
  • Rainmeter executables are now "digitally signed", to ensure what you are using is valid and unaltered, as well as reducing many "false positive" returns from some antivirus software.
  • Several important improvements to NowPlaying plugin.
  • Added "Type" to FreeDiskSpace measure to determine the type of drive being measured.
  • Dynamic variables now supported on plugins for common measure settings.
  • New "Process" plugin, to determine if a particular process or application is running.
  • Many bug fixes and performance enhancements, which make Rainmeter even lighter, faster, and more reliable.


Rainmeter 2.5

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